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10 Emotional Struggles You Face As You Approach The End of 2nd Year

Time really does fly. The end of second year is soon approaching, third year will be upon you after summer and you’re still yet to get out of that first year mindset.

1. You come to the realisation that uni doesn’t last forever.

You spent your first two years thinking, “third year is ages away!” except now it’s not. Who wants to juggle a dissertation and all the pressures of final year? No thanks.

Via buzzfeed.com

via buzzfeed.com

2. The thought of writing a dissertation makes you want to shudder.

Especially when you still can’t find your way around the library. Awkward.

Via giphy.com

via giphy.com

3. You constantly break down every time someone asks what your plans are for after uni.



via thefrisky.com

4. You worry that this is the last time you’ll be going out on week nights.

All you hear is that there’s so much work. Do third years even go out!?

Via imgbuddy.com

via imgbuddy.com

5. You thought you were still immune from responsibility yet people keep telling you to get work experience for summer.

And you’re just like, help me please.

Via thought catalog.com

via thought catalog.com

6. Suddenly you’re worrying about your emotional stability and maturity. 

In your head you’re still a fresher.

Via giphy.com

via giphy.com

7. Talking to third years makes you want to cry.

You thought they’d ease your concerns – they didn’t. You’re just not ready for that commitment.

Via goodreads.com

via goodreads.com

8. You doubt whether a year is long enough to prepare you for the big bad world.

Oh well, you can always do a masters.

Via popsugar.com

via popsugar.com

9. And cry every time you think about looking for graduate jobs.

Via photobucket.com

via photobucket.com

10. But the biggest challenge is getting out of the ‘I can leave it to a week before’ mentality regarding essays.

Because you know that won’t fly in third year.

Via tumbrl.com

via tumblr.com

At least you have one whole summer between then and now. 

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