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10 Real Things University Teaches You

Because the most valuable things you’ll learn will probably come from your own university experience.

1. You never pay full price. 

Half the fun of being a student is getting most things for half price, but the time will come when you leave uni and enter the real world of no discounts and you’ll flinch at the true cost of things. Only then will you realise how addictive discounts really are.

Via wifflegif.com

via wifflegif.com

2. You learn how to survive on a budget. 

£20 till your next student loan which is months away?  No problem. Cheap alcohol and bags of pasta will have to do.

Via wifflegif.com

via wifflegif.com

3. Student loan day means living like royalty for that one day. 

For 24 hours, you are a king.

Via sanguineswordpress.com

via sanguineswordpress.com

4. 9am lectures are a right off.

The working world starts at 9 right? Well, that’s unfortunate because you probably won’t wake up mentally until about lunch time.

Via giphy.com

via giphy.com

5. Caffeine is everything. 

A 9-5 day seems almost impossible without copious amounts of coffee.

Via sarahmarieh.wordpress.com

via sarahmarieh.wordpress.com

6. Leftover takeaways always make a great breakfast.

 When it comes to food at uni, you can’t really be fussy. Leftover pizza is often the only thing available when you wake up but it’s surprisingly delicious and nutritious. You’re winning.

Via wifflegif.com

via wifflegif.com

7. Deadlines mean nothing.

Until it gets to about three days before your work is due in; then and only then will you get the motivation to start it.

Via giphy.com

via giphy.com

8. You will try everything.

Before going to uni, trying new things was probably terrifying and totally out of the ordinary to you. But at the end of your three years you’ve probably done it all.

Via pixgood.com

via pixgood.com

9. Reading week means one thing. Netflix.

Reading week is just the best, time to catch up on Netflix and eat all the Nutella you can. That essay hanging over your head can wait, it’s fine. This is your week off.

Via gurl.com

via gurl.com

10. Your friends become your family.

You go through the good, the bad and the truly terrible together at uni, but no matter what happens you’re always there to pull each other up in the end.

Via lauradiannew.wordpress.com

via lauradiannew.wordpress.com

Endure and enjoy. 

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