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10 Struggles You’ll Understand If Your Best Friend Lives Away at Uni

Let’s face it, being without your best friend for any amount of time seems heart-wrenching, but somehow you both end up at different universities and will take on the world to stay in touch.

1. You get insanely jealous when you see them with someone else. 

But wanting to play it cool, so you end up saying nothing.

Via tumbrl.com

via tumblr.com

2. Organising visits costs more money than you have.

After spending your money on rent and food, you’re down to £5 for the week so you both end up skyping each other for hours – even with that 9am lecture in the morning.

via thefrisky.com

via thefrisky.com

3. Feeling lost when you don’t have any signal and really need to chat.

Because the events of your day are totally interesting and obviously you tell your BFF everything.

Via gurl.com

via gurl.com

4. Feeling absolutely hopeless when your best friend is upset. 

You’re there on the phone and in spirit, but you just want to see them and give them the biggest hug ever.

Via reactiongifs.com

via reactiongifs.com

5. All of a sudden you’re sending a billion texts a day.

Of course, 99% of them are to your best friend and half of them make no sense because they’re inside jokes.

Via pin interest.com

via pin interest.com

6. Snapchat brings you guys even closer. 

If you weren’t best friends on there before, you sure are now.

Via juicedmag.org

via juicedmag.org

7. When the town they live in is on the news, you’re on the phone straight away.

Because you’re like there Superman and protect them from afar, only difference is you can’t fly.

Via huffintonpost.com

via huffintonpost.com

8. Skype becomes the greatest invention ever.

Because you get to see their face, yay!

Via mrwgifs.com

via mrwgifs.com

9. Struggling to find the time to balance your workload and catching up.

You find yourself with an essay due in the week before an exam and your workload is slowly creeping up on you but best friends never go a week without talking.

Via tumbrl.com

via tumblr.com

10. You become really clingy about seeing them.

Because you have missed each other and don’t want to share your friendship. Plus you know it won’t be long till you are parted again.

Via goodreads.com

via goodreads.com

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