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10 Things Every Student Experiences In Their Time Off

4 months off University sounds great, right?

Think again.

1. First comes the denial.

”Four months off this is amazing. I never want to go back!” – and the next minute you have binge watched every Netflix series possible and you look like this:

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2. Then come the tears.

You’re crying at the fact that you have no friends that can do anything when the weather is nice because they’re all grown up with jobs. Suppose that’s what Netflix binging sessions are for…

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3. You don’t even know what your sleeping pattern is anymore.

You wake up at 1 in the afternoon and need a nap two hours later.

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4. You look forward to work.

You actually enjoy pulling yourself out of bed in the morning to give yourself some sort of routine and normality.

Via: teen.com

5. You realise how much you can actually eat in a day.

Being sat around all day can be awfully boring and you get extremely hungry. Send help.

Via: runtessrun.com

6. You wear your pyjamas all day long. 

Just because you can.

Via: theodysseyonline.com

7.  You’re so up to date with day-time television you start to question your sanity. 

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8. You get comfortable with having zero university responsibilities.

Which is why you nearly have a heart attack when you return back.

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9.  You master the skill of being skint but still being sociable. 

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10. Surprisingly, when September comes around, your face lights up at the thought of returning to university.

But mostly just because of the cheap drinks.

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