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10 Things Every Student Who Commutes To Uni Will Understand

The struggle of 9am lectures is real if you live away.

1. You feel like an outcast because you don’t live at uni.

So you make friends with all fellow commuters and you can complain together.

via gurl.com

via gurl.com

2. The first sign of bad weather is great.

It’s an excuse not to go into class!

Via hotsearchsite.com

via hotsearchsite.com

3. You have to get up earlier then everyone else. 

Life is unfair.

Via partybody.com

via partybody.com

4. That Squeaky noise the train makes haunts you..

It’s like the gates of hell opening.

Via college times.com

via collegetimes.com

5. At 3.pm you’re constantly checking the traffic news.

Because while everyone else can be in the house in ten minutes, you have a train and a bus ride till you get home.

Via imgarcade.com

via imgarcade.com

6. Each morning you have a daily workout. 

It’s called ‘The morning chase’.

Via buzzfeed.com

via buzzfeed.com

7. You often fall asleep on public transport.

Via hijacked.com

via hijacked.com

8. It’s amazing who you will shove out the way to get a seat on the train home.

You’ve had a long hard day.

Via headoverfeels.com

via headoverfeels.com

9. You can still experience some of uni life by visiting friends that live there.

But without having to pay bills.

Via giphy.com

via giphy.com

10. But most of the time it just means you’re late for lectures. 

All eyes on you.



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