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10 Things Journalism Students Don’t Want To Hear

If you study journalism, you’re probably sick of hearing the following.

1. When you’re told you’ll be marked as a group for an assignment. 

This is your worst fear, you’re a bit of a perfectionist and like things done a certain way.

Via giphy.com

via giphy.com

2. “Sorry your style of writing is not quite right for us.”

Rejection comes hand in hand with a journalism degree.

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via giphy.com

3. “You should be careful about what you post on Facebook.”

If you’re going to expose the world’s secrets, you need to be careful not to expose your own.

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via giphy.com

4. “How are you going to find your niche?”

Being asked this as a journalism student is a bit like Where’s Wally. You have no clue.

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via giphy.com

5. “This is an unpaid internship.”

You want it so bad but at the same time you just want to cry.

Via blogspot.co.uk

via blogspot.co.uk

6. “How many people read this article?”

When you go for interviews editors can be ruthless. Be prepared.

Via imagebuddy.com

via imagebuddy.com

7. “Once uni is over you’ll probably have a hard time getting a job.”

Is something you’ll probably hear frequently and you’re just like..

via collegetimes.com

via collegetimes.com

8. “Are newspapers not a dying profession?”

Is another question you’ll probably hear more than once.

Via glee.wikia.com

via glee.wikia.com

9. “We don’t interview students.”

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via giphy.com

10. Being told to make a video story.

But hating video with all the life in you and just wanting to stick with words forever.

Via buzzfeed.com

via buzzfeed.com

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