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10 TV Shows That Defined Your Childhood

Getting in from school and tuning into your favourite programs was the best part of your day.

1. The Story of Tracy Beaker. 

Essentially where we learnt how to really irritate our parents.

via twitter

via twitter

2. Bernard’s Watch.

Bernard’s watch was probably one of the best things ever. The clock that everybody wants would sure come in handy now when you’re running late for a lecture or need some extra time on an essay.

via taringa.net

via taringa.net

3. Chucklevision. 

To me, to you!

via tumbrl.com

via tumbrl.com

4. Arthur.

Because we all know that having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card.

Via tumbrl.com

via tumbrl.com

5. Come Outside.

Going way back to the early 90s. Watching Pippin take to the skies with Aunt Mabel was impressive, he was the coolest dog on TV. Scooby who?

via bbc

via bbc

6. Kenan and Kel. 

Who loves orange soda?

Via buzzfeed.com

via buzzfeed.com

7. Sabrina the Teenage Witch. 

Sabrina wanted to be without her magical powers, but we all wanted them – and Salem her talking cat..

Via surviving college.com

via surviving college.com

8. Dexter’s Laboratory.

Because the world always needs a life-saving child genius.

Via wifflegif.com

via wifflegif.com

9. Art Attack.

All the things you can do with paper mache used to blow your mind.

Via picslists.com

via picslists.com

10. Get Your Own Back. 

That one show where you could use the ‘gunk dunk’ as the ultimate method of revenge on your mam for that one time she made you tidy your room.

via buzzfeed.com

via buzzfeed.com

No wonder we turned out so great.

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