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20 Things People Who Are Always Hungry Will Understand

Three meals a day is ridiculous, three meals a day plus a lot of snacks in between sounds better.

1. You can’t wait get up in the morning. 

Unlike others getting up in the morning is something you look forward to because it means one thing. Breakfast.



2. There is ALWAYS food in your bag. 

You always carry around snack bars, chocolates and maybe even the odd pack of crisps. The list is endless and the bottom of your bag starts to look like a bin by the end of the week.

Via Pinterest.com

via Pinterest.com

3. Going to a restaurant and eating so much you claim you will never eat again.

Then 20 minutes later you’re on the lookout for any food you can get your hands on.

Via tumblr.com

via tumblr.com

4. When you’re hungry you get really grumpy. 

You haven’t eaten in like two hours, work is dragging and you just can’t concentrate with your stomach rumbling. You need food and quick.

Via gosswoss.com

via gosswoss.com

5. Going to the cinemas and eating everything before the film starts.

What do you expect when the adverts are so long, you obviously can’t just sit and look at your food until the film starts. Plus if you did that your hot dog would go cold.

Via photobucket.com

via photobucket.com

6. Eating out is your idea of heaven. 

Then comes the waiting for the food, how long does it take? Then that moment of sheer happiness finally arrives when you see your food coming from the kitchen.

Via cagepotato.com

via cagepotato.com

7. You make sure there is food at a party before you go.

Because if there isn’t any food is there really any point in going?

Via yourtango.com

via yourtango.com

8. The wait to lunch is the worst hour of your life. 

The rest of the morning literally flies over, however as soon as 11 hits it seems like every minute lasts a year.

Via chasingmyextraordinary.com

via chasingmyextraordinary.com

9. You would probably prefer to have a date with a pizza then an actual person.

Because pizza tastes amazing and you won’t have to share.

Via huffingtonpost.com

via huffingtonpost.com

10. Your shopping list is endless.

You end up buying nearly the whole supermarket because everything is so delicious.

Via blog.goeuro.co.uk

via blog.goeuro.co.uk

11. Your favourite part of going out and getting drunk is getting food afterwards. 

There is nothing better than drunken food from your favourite takeaway after a night out, it’s the best part.

Via elitedaily.com

via elitedaily.com

12. That sinking feeling in your stomach when you’re nearly finished your meal.

It’s that beautiful you don’t want it to end.

Via drunktiki.com

via drunktiki.com

13. Getting really protective when people try and eat off your plate. 

You get really angry when someone tries to steal one chip off your plate because it’s never just one chip. Like what are they doing? Get your own.

Via tumblr.net

via tumblr.net

14. When someone asks if you can work through dinner.

‘Um, sorry what?’

Via tumblr.com

via tumblr.com

15. Around 99% of your Instagram photos are of food.

Which is absolute torture when you’re hungry and scrolling through your page, where’s the food at?

Via joe.ie

via joe.ie

16. You always order a large meal just to be safe. 

Just in case you order a regular size meal and you’re still hungry after it, we’ve all done it. Its a disappointing moment.

Via brightestyoungthings.com

via brightestyoungthings.com

17. As you’re eating one meal you’re thinking about what you can make for the next.

Because the gap between dinner and tea (or lunch & dinner depending where you’re from) is just way too long.

Via giphy.com

via giphy.com

18. Feeling absolutely devastated when you eat a bad meal. 

Because you know there is only three a day (give or take the snacks in between.)

Via sodahead.com

via sodahead.com

19. You can never just ‘go out for a drink.’ 

Going for a drink turns into you ordering a three-course meal alongside some drinks. Oops

Via rebloggy.com

via rebloggy.com

20. You have never baked anything in your life before.

Because every time you try you eat the entire contents before it makes it to the oven.

Via reddebtedstepchild.com

via reddebtedstepchild.com

Food is everything.

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