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9 Awesome Nights Out To Look Forward To This Year At Kent

1. The Snow Ball.


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Missing the Freshers’ Ball already? Then this is the event for you. A chance to get all dressed up again and help a great cause at the same time. Organised by Kent Rag (Raise and Give), Venue plays host to this Christmas party. They play great music and even invite special guests such as Spencer Mathews! Definitely worth a go and it’ll give you something to look forward to at the end of a long and rainy winter term.

2. Super Bowl Night.

ESPN / gifulmination.com

via ESPN / gifulmination.com

This one’s a bit of a hidden gem, but it’s an awesome chilled night out. Kbar and Woody’s are the places to go for it as they stay open late to show the game and have cheap booze on offer as well as the best American export snacks. You don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy it, the atmosphere is always great. Did we mention the snacks? Nachos… Hotdogs… Put it in your diary: this year’s game will be on the 7th of February.

3. Keynestock.


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Why spend £200 on a summer music festival ticket when UKC has its very own music festival? Hosted by Kbar and Keynes College Student Committee it’s a really great way to spend a summer’s evening when the exam stress is building. It’s also said to be where Ellie Goulding was scouted when she was at Kent so you could be brushing shoulders with future stars if you go along…

4. Ruby Tuesdays.


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A great night out on campus, perfect for freshers who can’t be bothered to go into town, although it remains a firm favourite amongst second and third years too. Ruby’s at Origins (as it’s affectionately known) plays the best of indie and rock music.

5. Holi Festival.


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Another little event that doesn’t get enough credit! Organised by UKC’s Hindu Society on Tyler Hill, hundreds of students dress in white to throw coloured powder over one another and celebrate the Hindu festival of Holi. It’s great fun, basically a giant paint fight which would be enough to give any art teacher nightmares.

6. Vensday.


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All hail the mighty Vensday. Every Wednesday night Venue is the place to be as society socials and gangs of students forget about their upcoming 9am lectures and just have a good time.  

7. Massive Mungos.


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Like a school disco on steroids, Massive Mungo’s happens once a term with its Halloween party being an annual highlight. Mungo’s spills out into the huge Elliot dining hall and is definitely a UKC exclusive. Add in drinks deals and DJs it makes for one great night.

8. Varsity.


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Much like the Olympics, except it’s more exciting because it happens every year. There’s bitter rivalry between UKC and CCCU. Highlights of the week-long event include the Men’s Rugby at the end of the week. It is a great festival of sport and extremely entertaining. Kent win convincingly every year (and we will do this year too). Have some fun, watch some sports and support Kent. Varsity usually takes place towards the end of February and the start of March.

9. Rutherford College Big Night Out.

Source: Via giphy.com

Source: Via giphy.com

New for this year but definitely worth a shot too is Rutherford College’s Big Night Out which takes place on the third Thursday of every month at their official bar, Alberrys, in town. Student music all night, cheap entry and drinks deals such as a chance to try the new blue cocktail named ‘The Rutherford’.

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