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17 Things You Know If You Study Law at The University of Reading

So Law is both amazing and incredibly stressful. As the second biggest course on campus we all know Law at Reading is the place to be.

1. Being so busy doing reading for your seminars it seems impossible to have a social life.


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2. And forget about having time to sleep.


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3. Noticing that Law is the only course in the library before the day of a deadline.


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4. Land Law will have been the bane of your existence.


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5. Every year has some one who wears a suit to every lecture.


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6. And thinks because they study Law they’re Harvey Specter.


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7. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t use any excuse to suit up. 


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8. All bonding over realizing everyone on Yik Yak hates us.

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9. And being on a Law social to see that the hate transfers into real life.


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10. But you can kind of see why everyone thinks we’re posh when Law society does their Ascot social. 

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11. Starting uni thinking you’ll always be at Foxhill but never actually being there.


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12. But by third year you realize you’ve been sheltered as you have no idea how to navigate through any of the buildings your seminars are now in.


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13. Like how do you even get around HUMSS and where even is Agriculture? 


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14. You reminisce about Chris Newdicks “law is like riding a bike” analogy.

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15. And know every detail of R V Brown.


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16. You’re excited about getting drunk at the Law Ball and having to socialize with you’re lecturers whilst off your face.


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17. But you’re not looking forward to hearing the same speech about five times during lecture shout outs for Law Society elections.


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