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The South is WAY better than the North

So this week, we turn to the timeless ‘North vs. South’ debate. Being a Southern girl, born and raised in St. Albans, by Scottish parents, and now living and studying in Leeds, I think I’m in a pretty good place to comment on this subject.

Without wanting to sound Thatcherite, the South is clearly a better area to live than the North. Most potently, the South is home to the most important place in Britain: London. London is a vibrant, fascinating and intriguing city. It’s our capital, and easily one of the most influential and most visited cities in the world. It just hosted Team GB’s most successful Olympic games EVER and probably the best Olympic games there has EVER been, (not that we are in anyway bias of course). You name it, London pretty much has it. I challenge anyone to find a Northern city that seriously matches London in terms of economic, political, social and cultural impact.

Nevertheless, you will no doubt hear the haters moaning about the ‘rudeness’ of Londoners, and the ‘busyness’ of the city. They may even go as far as to whinge on about ‘mess’ in London, and perhaps complain about the public transport. What these people don’t seem to understand is that the so-called rudeness and busyness is just part of city life. I love the madness of London: the rushing commuters, the lost tourists, and the beeping horns as a red double decker bus almost flattens you. It’s the music of the city. You find the same things in any city.

Now, I’m not going to be so foolish as to argue that London is the only positive aspect of the South. The South has many things to offer, namely the warmer temperature. The change in temperature was profoundly noticeable when I moved back to Leeds recently. I left a bright, sunny St. Albans, with beautiful blue skies. Unfortunately, I somehow arrived in a windy, cloudy and bloody freezing Leeds. Winter, not autumn, felt properly upon us. I even needed a coat. Talk about contrast.

Another benefit of the better weather in the South is that summers can more easily be filled with having fun on warmer beaches. Now, I will not try to exaggerate by pretending that British summer weather is great. We all know that at best British summer is poor, but the South definitely sees much nicer weather on the whole. When the weather is good, the South can offer an amazing good old British seaside holiday. I’ve had great holidays in Brighton and Cornwall, which have contrasted greatly, in terms of weather, to the countless holidays I have spent up North.

Those who are pro-North will most likely bring up the fact that the North is cheaper. I will not attempt to argue that this is not the case. However, I think it is clear that the reason the South is more expensive is because it is generally a better place to live. GDP per capita is higher in South so prices may be higher, but so are wages. Looked at from that perspective, the price of living doesn’t seem to be such a negative.

Nonetheless, I do understand that the North vs. South debate will normally only end one way: Southerners will side with the South and Northerners with the North. After all, people are always going to be biased when it comes to their roots. But for me, as much as I love the North, the South is the place to be. It’s where I was brought up, and I love it there. Southern girl until I die. Init.

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