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13 Things That Only Students Who Lived In Kimber Will Understand

Thank you Kimber for your once-in a-lifetime University halls experience. (And the relief of an ensuite bathroom.)


1. Extra beauty sleep

Being the closest fresher’s halls to uni, you can appreciate five minutes extra in bed compared to everyone else. (Make that 15 minutes extra compared to you LFW-ers, sorry!)


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2. Extra nap time

And then being the first ones to crawl back to bed after a 9am lecture.


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3. Knock Down Ginger

Unless you are lucky enough to be an end-of-corridor kitchen (i.e Blue), you won’t have escaped the revival of Knock Down Ginger at 4am.


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4. The notorious Hoglands Park

Well, at least you have a ‘lovely’ morning view of one of the most infamous parks in Southampton.


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5. Being ignorant about the notorious Hoglands Park

Which you’ll risk walking through – rather than around – after a night out anyway.


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6. Ensuite Bliss

The relief of not having to deal with your other housemate’s shit, because you’ve got your own bathroom.


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7. Ensuite Stress

Although you are responsible for your own mould. Dear god, just don’t look at the ceiling.


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8. The kitchens being too small

Bearing knives in your tiny, overcrowded kitchen is a dangerous game. 


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9. The pain of kitchen doors that lock automatically

Realising you’ve left your keys in the kitchen whilst your dinner is cooking and there’s nobody home to let you back in.


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10. Fantasising about corridor Slip N’ Slide

Although you and your flatmates constantly talk about turning your corridor into a Slip N’ Slide, you realise it’s probably not a good idea, especially when you’re on the second floor.


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11. Having fewer stairs to climb

Then again…second floor is always better than seventh, especially when the lift is broken. Isn’t that right LFW-ers?


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12. Rivalry? What rilvalry?

And yes we know LFW is always going to out-party Kimber, but David Moxon who?


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13. Saying goodbye

When it comes to moving out you suddenly realised that next year someone will be living in your room and sharing your kitchen. Whatever halls you were in, you’ll miss it and there won’t be another experience like it.

walking dead

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