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10 Things Only People Who Shop At West Quay Will Understand

With the whole population of Hampshire searching for a bargain, it’s sometimes probably best to avoid it.

1. Do not enter the food court on the weekends.

It’s busy, stressful and chances are there aren’t any seats. If you try to go to the food court on your lunch break, you’ll probably spend that precious hour in a queue for a Big Mac.


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2. Weekends are so busy you might as well avoid it altogether.

You probably can’t shop at the weekends anyway because you’ll be spending them working.

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3. The Apple shop has more staff than products.

If you dropped your phone in Switch, there’s no need to worry about getting it fixed as there are around 30 members of staff at any one time to help.


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4. The 9pm close on the food court.

There shouldn’t be a time limit on when you can enjoy a Nando’s, and if there is, it certainly shouldn’t be that early.


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5. Student nights do more harm than good.

You’ll only have time to go to two shops because you spent most of your time in a queue spanning the length of the shop.


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6. H&M doesn’t have student discount.

And when they do offer it, it’s with UNiDAYS and you can’t get the app up anyway because the shop has no signal.


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7. The weird statues on the first floor.

Nothing says art like a man and woman intertwined with their private bits on full display, who commissioned that anyway?


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8. Thinking you’re sophisticated by having Yo! Sushi.

It sounds fancy when you’re choosing Sushi over a KFC but let’s be honest, you soon realise that your food is on a conveyor belt and comes in a plastic box.


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9. Being stopped every two minutes by sales people.

No, I don’t want to try your hand lotion. No, I can’t sign up to Sky. No, I don’t want your free food, oh wait, did you say free food, alright then.


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10. But ultimately, it’s 100 times better than The Marlands

Does anyone even shop there anymore?


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