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10 Times Love Actually Perfectly Summed Up What It’s Like Staying In Southampton Over Christmas

Whilst most Solent students will be heading home for Christmas, there are a select few who have to stay over the festive period. Spare a thought.

1. Only having human interaction whilst you’re at work in West Quay with last minute Christmas shoppers.


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2. Going out around Bedford place and not bumping into any of your friends.


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3. Wanting to go for a festive mulled wine at the Christmas Market but knowing no one is around.


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4. And then having someone you barely know from your course ask you to go for that festive mulled wine.


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5. Being too sad and lonely to actually try and pull at Oceana. 


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6. When you beg anyone who is still in Southampton to come and hang out with you.


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7. Realising you’re home alone and putting your music up as loud you like.


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8. When people ask if you’re going to have a Christmas dinner.


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9. Having to work in Mountbatten alone, knowing everyone is having fun at home.


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10. And finally, when people tell you that it isn’t that bad staying in Southampton over Christmas.


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