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11 New Year’s Resolutions All Solent Students Should Probably Try And Stick To In 2016

New year, new you? Perhaps it’s time to actually join in on the annual cliché ritual and try and make a few changes in the new year. Or at least try.

1. Actually go to The Gym.

Instead of paying £12.99 a month for literally nothing.


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2. Submit assignments to Turnitin before 21:59. 

It’s about time we all started learning from our mistakes.


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3. Step foot in Mountbatten at least once. 

Unless you’re a third year, then perhaps you need to step out of it once in a while.


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4. Try a new club that you haven’t been to yet.

Southampton has about 20, it would be rude not to.


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5. And not go to Oceana every single Wednesday. 

It’s hard, we know.


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6. Learn to cook, rather than ordering 3am Dominos every day.

Or maybe just order from somewhere else for once.


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7. Join a Sport Solent society.

With refreshers fair coming up in January, you could finally live the dream of attending the legendary Yates’s Wednesday social night.


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8. Stop leaving passive aggressive notes everywhere.


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9. Explore more of Southampton than just Bedford Place.

It’s time we all started taking advantage of living in Southampton and see the sights.


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10. Try and find a part time job.

Because you’re probably fed up of living on noodles and constantly being in your overdraft.


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11. And maybe remember your Campus card once in a while.

It’s the only way to stop those e-mails about your attendance.


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