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12 Things All Solent Students Wish They Could Take Home With Them At Christmas

Going home to see your family and friends over Christmas is exciting, but there are plenty of things that your home town is probably missing.

1. 79p drinks from Moji Mondays.

Unless you live in a student town, you are unlikely to find drink deals as cheap as Parfait.


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2. And Yates’ pound a pint nights.

You probably won’t be able to find a pint as cheap either.


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3. Mountbatten and all of their books.

Although the chance of you doing work over Christmas is slim, nothing is worse than sitting down to do some and realising you don’t have the book you need.


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4. Oceana Southampton.

You may have an Oceana back at home, but none of them compare to Southampton’s one.


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5. The Happy Hot Dog Man.

Because no one will ever make you feel the way he does.


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6. Your freedom.

Coming back and living under your parents rules can leave you longing for your halls or moldy student house.


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7. Your Uni friends.

All your stories now start with ‘my friends at uni’ and you’ll wish they lived next door like they do in Southampton.


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8. The search for the Golden Banana.

Where else are you going to find a free £250 bar tab.


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9. 3am Dominos.

Because your parents won’t appreciate being woken up by the delivery man in the early hours of the morning.


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10. Your uni halls cleaner.

Who is going to clean up the mess you make in the kitchen?


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11. The 24 hour McDonalds next to Oceana.

Unless you’re lucky enough to have one, you will miss a 2am Big Mac after a night out.


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12. All of the clubs.

Let’s be honest, your one dingy club will never be the same as the variety in Southampton.


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