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13 Fears You Have About Living In Bedford Place For The First Time

Moving out of halls and into a house in Bedford Place with your best mates is one of the most exciting things you can do as a Solent student, but underneath all that excitement are fears of what is to come.

1. Being far away from the main campus.

In reality, it’s a lot closer than you think.


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2. Having to pay for internet for the first time ever.

And not having someone to fix it when it inevitably crashes.


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3. Never getting any sleep because you live right next to every club.


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4. Having an evil landlord.

You’ve heard all the horror stories and you’ve had nightmares of not getting your deposit back.


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5. Being responsible for paying bills every month. 

You won’t be able to blast the heating on any more as you hear gas is expensive.


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6. Living on or near Wilton Avenue.

Surely it’s not possible for everyone so loud all of the time?


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7. The possibility of falling out with your housemates.



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8. Forgetting your keys and not having security to let you in.


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9. Having no option but to shop at Sainsbury’s.

That is not student budget friendly.


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10. Or ending up in H&C because Sainsbury’s is closed.

That card charge should be illegal.


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11. Living far away from your friends.

You’re used to living minutes away from everyone but now you’ll actually to leave your house to see 99% of your friends.


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12. Having the front window room.

You’ve gawked into other people’s rooms so no doubt people will return the favour.


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13. And spending all your money on food because Bedford Place has more takeaways than houses.


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