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13 Things All Solent Students Are Guilty Of Doing

We may not have any shame in it, but we are all guilty of doing the same things again and again.

1. Swiping in and then walking out of a lecture. 


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2. Or getting your friends to do it for you.


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3. Avoiding anyone who tries to approach you in the main building.

Unless they have free food. Obviously.


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4. Uploading assignments on Turnitin 10 minutes before the deadline despite knowing how long it takes.

We will never learn.


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5. Claiming MyCourse wasn’t working as a legitimate excuse for not doing the reading. 

And knowing that your lecturer won’t believe you.


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6. Choosing to not do your work because you can’t find a free computer in Mountbatten.

Even though there are hundreds of empty computer rooms throughout the whole campus.


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7. Ignoring every dissertation survey on Facebook, despite being desperate for people to fill yours out. 


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8. Going along with people thinking you go to Uni of because you can’t be bothered to explain again. 


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9. Walking through the Hogland park after a night out even though you know it’s a risky move.


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10. Committing to the ten minute wait for the lift in RM when you’re on the fifth floor.

It would probably be quicker to walk.


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11. Telling yourself that you won’t go to Oceana, but ending up there anyway. 

Every damn time.


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13. Laughing at the Yaks slating Solent.

At least we have a sense of humour.


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13. Getting carried away chanting about Uni of even though you couldn’t care less about the ‘rivalry’.


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