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15 Real Life Stuggles All Solent Students Experience In The Library

We all try and be good students and go to the library, but sometimes it’s just more effort than it’s worth and the struggle becomes very real.

1. Finding the only free computer and realising there’s no mouse attached to it after you log in.


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2. Or not being able to find a Mac with an apple keyboard and having to settle for a PC one.

Which key is CMD?


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3. When the vending machine doesn’t accept your pound coin and the card machine isn’t working either.


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4. Or using the ground floor vending machine and your food ends up getting stuck.


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5. So you have to smack it without drawing too much attention to yourself.


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6. When all the seats are taken by the outlets in the silent area so you can’t charge your laptop.


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7. Wanting a refreshing cup of water but instead, having to do a shot out of a paper cone.


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8. Being on the 2nd floor and needing a book in the basement.

But it’s so far away.


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9. Wanting to have a late night library session, only to realise that it’s a Friday.

And that it isn’t open 24/7 yet.


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10. Not being able to use the lift in fear of being judged. 


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11. Forgetting your student card when you go after hours and being denied entry.


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12. Being dressed for winter to come to the library and then wishing you had brought some shorts.


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13. Realising you’ve hit rush hour and not being able to get a seat, anywhere.


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14. Going to the printer and realising you now have to sign in on the computer to release it. 


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15. Trying to take out a library book and the machine’s not cooperating with your needs.


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