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15 Things That Solent Students Wish They Had Known As Freshers

We think we know it all when we move down to university, truth is, we don’t. These ex-freshers offer you some advice that will make the whole freshers’ experience that much better.

1. “Just how quickly your money evaporates!”

Kyle Hollow, Digital Music third year


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2. “Carnage is shit and crowded”

Chloe Foreman, Magazine Journalism graduate


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3. “Solent has a cinema that shows current movies for like £3”

Tasha Caines, Magazine Journalism third year


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4. “Just because you live in LFW, doesn’t mean you have to live up to it’s reputation”

Gregor Hannah, Photojournalism third year


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5. “When you first go to the hobbit, don’t attempt the twelve cocktail challenge on that one night, unless you want be a laughing stock for the year”

Holly Kirwan, Illustration second year


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6. “I wish I knew where my course leader office was”

Tegan Sole, Psychology second year


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7. “There is a free bus to Oceana that goes from Bedford place”

Jenna Whitfield, Psychology third year


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8. “I wish I had worked out the area before getting smashed so I knew my way home instead of taking three hours to find it”

Dan Brown, Construction Management second year


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9. “Bedford Place is a trek to walk to from halls”

James Chance, Photojournalism third year


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10. “I wish I knew which takeaways were good and bad”

Connor Anderson, Digital Music Production third year


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11. “Weekends are so bloody expensive!”

Beth Davies, Events Management third year


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12. “Bring earplugs, my friend swears by them”

Alice Freeman, Magazine Journalism third year


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13. “You will never get a seat in Mountbatten until around midnight”

Megan Boylan, Events Management graduate


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14. “The Edge is the best night out in Southampton”

Rachel Miller, Business Management graduate


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15. “You need to make sure you can handle your alcohol before going to pound a pint nights at Yates”

Luke Hurst, Music Production graduate


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