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15 Things You Learn To Love About Being a Solent Student

We may get a lot of stick for being at Solent, but there are plenty of things that we love about it.

1. Being the ‘other uni’.

It can be annoying to explain, but you secretly love it.


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2. Having a strong variety of clubs to pick from. 


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3. And having somewhere to get drunk every night.

Because what else would you want to do.


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4. Going to Oceana. 

You may say you hate going every Wednesday, but we all know there is nothing quite like an Oceana night out.


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5. The Hobbit.

End of.


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6. The millions of parks. 

At least we make up for our lack of beach with greenery and you don’t get sand stuck everywhere!


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7. The Portal and myCourse. 

They are usually a lifesaver whenever you need to know anything.


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8. The library being open 24 hours most of the year.

Which you will spend most of the time you used to spend sleeping at.


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9. Not having to take out a Wonga loan to buy a drink.

Except on Saturdays, always avoid Saturdays.


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10. Pound a Pint night. 

Not every city has this, so count your blessings.


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11. Always having access to a Mac.

Creatives gotta create.


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11. Having easy access to professional camera equipment.

The 5D’s are so shiny.


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12. Having a 24 hour McDonalds. 


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13. Being second on the sex league tables. 

Something your parents can be proud of.


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14. The war between the universities. 

It can be annoying, but you love that they care so much more than us.


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15. And ultimately, not being a cunt. 


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