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16 Things That Always Happen When You Try And Find The Oceana Golden Banana

We all dream of winning the £250 Oceana bar tab every Tuesday. All you have to do is run around town, searching for a banana covered in wrapping paper, sounds normal right?

1. Every week you tell yourself that it’s finally your turn.

You can do it.


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2. And you start thinking about what you’ll do with your riches.

And who you will share them with.


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3. You can’t decide what time to start heading out.

It could be announced at 9, but also at 9:45.


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4. You start refreshing your twitter feed every few seconds.

Because you refuse to miss it.


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5. You worry your 3G will stop working.


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6. You long to be one of the two groups that have rinsed the £250 prize.

7. You don’t know where to tactically place yourself.

What if it’s in Bedford place? Or maybe it’ll be by Lush. How do I prepare?!


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8. You panic that you won’t be able to perform well when the picture is released.


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9. You tell yourself that you’re only going out if you find it.

But then you decide to drown you sorrows when you don’t.


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10. You become convinced that it must have been released and you’ve missed it.


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11. When the picture is posted, you lose your shit.


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12. And if you instantly recognise the location, you get too smug and forget to start running.


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13. But then you start running around and accept that it just isn’t going to happen.


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14. And instantly hate the people that did find them. 

Because you don’t think they had as much dedication as you.


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15. Unless you do find it and then you have to take a selfie.

And avoid anyone who begs you to let them share your winnings.


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16. But if you don’t, you tell yourself that there’s always next week.


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