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16 Things You Learn To Hate About Being a Solent Student

We may defend Solent to the death, but there are certainly parts that even the most loyal student can’t learn to love.

1. The Rivalry with ‘Uni of’

It’ll be funny at first. You’ll chant and they’ll chant, but after a while, you really wouldn’t rather be at Solent than a c**t.

head slap

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2. ‘The Gym’ promoters

Buff men trying to convince you to sign up for a membership? I think I’ll stick to stuffing my face with McDonalds thanks.


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3. The walk home from Oceana

Why they put the biggest, most popular club, the furthest away from EVERYONE, we’ll never know but those 4am walks home will soon become the bane of your life.


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4. Walking through the parks

On the other hand, nothing sobers you up more than having to walk through the parks in the dead of night.


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5. Jesters

It’s been voted the worst club in the whole of England and all we can say is: bring wellies.

via: SotonTab.co.uk

via: SotonTab.co.uk

6. The SM building

There is nothing more frustrating then looking at your timetable and seeing that you have to trek the two minute walk across the park. The struggle is real.


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7. The League tables

There is no shame in being 122nd on the league table, really, there isn’t!

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8. Never having a Mac free in the Library

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9. ASDA being far away from EVERYONE

You will quickly befriend someone with a car to get your weekly Pot Noodle restock.


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10. Halls Rivalries

I don’t care if you have an en suite, at this point in the year, all I want is a bed.


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11. Living in Bedford Place

You’ll soon long for the days where you could roll out of bed twenty minutes before your lecture and still make it there on time.


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12. Confusing timetables

I have four lessons in the same hour? Sounds about right?!


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13. Getting your results later than EVERYONE else

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14. Explaining to everyone that you go to the ‘other’ Southampton uni

And getting funny looks for it.



15. THAT cargo train

If you live in LFW, you’ll have to experience this more than most. A very loud train that drives past every day at 4am? No thank you.



16. It’s not all bad though

At least you’re not a c**t.

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via: Giphy.com