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17 Things That Will Happen When You Move To Southampton For The First Time

Moving down to uni can be the most scary/exciting/amazing experience of your life. Moving to Southampton is no different, so just sit back and enjoy the ride.

1. You will struggle to find your halls and realise that Southampton is awful to drive around


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2. You will be shown around your new halls by a second year who really doesn’t care

don't care

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3. If you live on the top floor, you will instantly hate life

Why are there seven floors?!


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4. And if you don’t, you will still hog the lifts 


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5. You will leave your door open to make new friends


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6. It will become obvious that you packed far too much


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7. But that you forgot a sheet for your bed

It’s okay, there’s an IKEA close by.


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8. You will wonder why there is a sink in your room

Is someone else going to clean that?

i don't know

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9. You will struggle to connect to the internet

And begin to worry that you’ll never have internet again.


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9. When it’s time to go shopping, it will settle in just how far away ASDA really is

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in ED.


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10. Everyone will start drinking and the drinking games will begin

Ring of fire anyone?


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11. Someone will suggest playing ‘never have I ever’

And soon enough, everyone will realise who the ‘adventurous’ ones in the flat are.


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12. You will ring Radio Taxi


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13. You will end up at Oceana on your first night despite there being over twenty other clubs to choose from


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14. You will be shocked that it cost under £20 to have a night out

Unless you’re used to only paying £10 and you will begin to complain how expensive Southampton is.


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15. You will love every single moment


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16. And then you will discover there is a 24 hour McDonalds right next to Oceana


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17. You’ll regret not bringing that sheet for you bed when you fall into your bed at 4am


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