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17 Things All Solent Students Know To Be True

When you spend the majority of your time in Southampton, you start to realise that some things will always be true and you must accept that.

1. Saturday nights are to be avoided.

Unless you want to spend £18 on two drinks.


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2. You can’t make it to SM in under five minutes. 

Just give up and accept that you’ll always be late.


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3. Forgetting your student card ruins your motivation. 

You probably have every intention of going home to retrieve it. But let’s be honest, as soon as you see your bed, it’s over.


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4. Having a 24 hour McDonalds next to Oceana is both a luxury and a curse.

When you’ve spent all your money on shots, walking past it is torture.


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5. People are very passionate about disliking Solent.

Come on guys, get over it.


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6. You won’t get a seat in Mountbatten between 11am and 4pm.

May the odds be ever in your favour.


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7. The Costa coffee in RM should be avoided during class switch over.

Unless you want to queue for 20 minutes.


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8. When you go home you miss 79p drinks with all of your heart. 

You mean I have to pay over £1 for a drink?


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9. Making a friend on a night out and then finding out they go to Uni of is annoying.


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10. Because then you have to pretend you care about the rivalry.


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11. You should always get a taxi back from Oceana.

That walk back is never as quick as you think it’s going to be.


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12. Completing the fellowship challenge at The Hobbit is mandatory.


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13. But you will never be able to do it in one sitting.

No matter how determined you are.


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14. Nothing can beat Oceana Wednesdays.


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15. It’s impossible to avoid the parks at night.

Even though you really should.


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16. The happy hotdog man is a legend.


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17. Jesters is always awful.

But you will go anyway.


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EDIT: This post originally had a point missing, this has now been fixed.

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