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Here Is The Route You Should Take For The Refresher’s Big Night Out

There are only nine stops on this years BNO, but this time, both Solent and Uni of are going. Most people only go to one or two places and then end up at Switch, but can you make all stops?

We think this the best route if you want to end the night with a fully checked shirt.

1. Revolution

This is probably the best place to start as it’s the furthest away from the rest. It’s also right next to a cash point, so you can get some money out for the night.


Source: The Daily Touch Solent

2. 90 Degrees

Distance from previous club: 1 minute

You should have a shot or two here before going to Popworld.


Source: The Daily Touch Solent

3. Popworld

Distance from previous club: 10 seconds

Now you’ve had a few drinks, you can probably stomach the cheesy pop, unless you love it, then enjoy it.


Source: The Daily Touch Solent

4. The Social

Distance from previous club: A few steps away

If you want to make all stops, you’ll have to go in for a drink.


Source: The Daily Touch Solent

5. Orange Rooms

Distance from previous club: Maybe 10 seconds at most. 

Maybe it’s about time you get a classy cocktail? But probably just more shots.


Source: The Daily Touch Solent

6. Tokyo

Distance from previous club: Depends how drunk you are

You’ll be over the half way point now and probably more than a little tipsy.


Source: The Daily Touch Solent

7. Buddha & Buddha Club

Distance from previous club: 5 seconds

They’ve split these two up for some reason, but go in and claim both ticks on your shirt.


Source: The Daily Touch Solent

8. Junk

Distance from previous club: 1 minute 

This is the last stop before Switch.


Source: The Daily Touch Solent

9. Switch

Distance from previous club: 7-10 minutes, depending on how many drinks you’ve had

The final stop. If you make it this far without throwing up. Well done.


Source: The Daily Touch Solent

Will you get all 9?