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Some Genius Has Created A Pub Crawl Map For Southampton

Southampton’s pubs and clubs have been turned into a Tube map in a bid to make it even easier to create the perfect pub crawl.

Creator, maths teacher John Coats, has mapped the pubs in Southampton and put them on specific lines that follow roads. Each line covers a different area of Southampton, creating a route which most people would follow when on a pub crawl.


via: PubStops.co.uk

The teal coloured line would be the typical line that Solent students would use, the highlights include, Yates’, Switch, Pop World and Buddha Lounge.

Southampton is only one of a fair few that have been created on PubStops.co.uk which also features Newcastle, Portsmouth and Munich. You can also buy the map from the website as a poster to keep up in your room, just to ensure that you never run out of places to go!

You can view the whole thing here.