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These People Reviewed Solent’s Accommodation And The Result Was Brutal

If you’re upset that your uni halls experience is over forever, fear not, you can now relive the memories by reviewing them online. Studentcrowd.com is a website where students can rate all aspects of their university life, and Solent hasn’t done too well…

Studentcrowd.com allows students to review their university experience as well as their accommodation and students seem to have been kind about Solent. 

Despite Solent placing at 109 out of 126 overall on the website, the comments were overall very positive. Most of the negative ratings had no comments to share and many of the more enthusiastic ratings praise Solent for its ‘unreal nightlife’ and ‘opportunities for career progression’.


via: studentcrowd.com

The hall reviews are a little less forgiving though, although Deanery earned this lovely comment.


via: studentcrowd.com

Whereas Chantry received this lonely star.


via: studentcrowd.com

This Kimber student couldn’t quite make up their mind.


via: studentcrowd.com

Although this one definitely did.


via: studentcrowd.com

This Hamwic student forgot to say anything nice despite giving it four stars.


via: studentcrowd.com

LFW seemed to have better reviews than most.


via: studentcrowd.com


via: studentcrowd.com

And finally, this Emily Davies student felt very strongly about not being a loser.


via: studentcrowd.com

You can leave your own review here. Simply find your halls, rate using the star system and then write a little about your experience. Simples.