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This Is Why You Should Never Leave Your Uni Room Unlocked At Solent

You may have thought that you could trust your new house mates and you foolishly left your door unlocked, here are some caution tales about why that will be the biggest mistake you make.

Because you might return to find it covered in toilet paper.

Chantry and LFW obviously have no chill.


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Or maybe tin foil will be the weapon of choice.

Lucia Foster reins over the tin foil challenge.


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Cling film isn’t usually used for its main purpose.

This photo was taken by another LFW victim.


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Neither is shaving foam. 

Your shaving foam isn’t safe in LFW either.


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Your door could be given a colourful post-it makeover.

Yet another LFW incident.


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Or you could be cautioned with tape. 

Kimber take their punishments very seriously.


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Or threatened with a dinosaur. 

If found, please return to LFW.


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And then there is down right destruction.

It seems very clear that you should never trust anyone in Lucia Foster.


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Lesson learnt.