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11 Reasons Refreshers Week Will Be The Greatest Thing Ever

Finally! It seemed like there was no end to January exams. But at long last it’s time to celebrate, and they’ve even dedicated a week to it: Refreshers.

Not excited yet? Here’s a few reminders why you should be.

1. The stress is over.

You can ditch the standard energy drinks and coffee, exam season is over which means its time to begin the 2nd term with a bang, a very boozy bang.



2. You’re free.

No more revision… well, until the summer exams begin but that’s ages away why are you even thinking that far ahead?



3. Literally everyone will be out.

You know that everyone will be in the mood for a week of partying. Whether they’re celebrating or drowning sorrows, it doesn’t matter, you haven’t seen this many people out since Freshers’ Week.



4. Your alcohol tolerance will have slipped a little.

Prepare for a cheap night out because it’s probably been a while since you last touched a drink. Maybe go steady on the first night. So… shots?



5. Hungover duvet days will be guilt-free without any revision looming over you.



6. You and everyone you know is probably loaded. Which literally never happens.

When everyone gets their loan at the same time, you know things are going to be good. Just try not to forget about food and that roof over your head which needs paying for…



7. If you’re a final year, it’ll probably be your last big blowout before summer. 

AKA you not being a student any more.



8. There’ll be bar crawls and discounted offers.

All the bars and clubs are one step ahead; two for one shots and £1 vodka mixers!



9. You can make more embarrassing drunken memories.

Get ready to check your snapchat story the morning after and discover those awkward text messages you definitely shouldn’t have sent.



10. Drinking Games are back.

When was the last time you pre-drank anything?



11. It’s literally a week of partying, which is just what you need.

“Sleep all day and party all night” – Sean Kingston. Words to live by in Refreshers.



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