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11 Signs You`ve Finally Caught Freshers Flu

Freshers week is over and guess what comes after that? Flu!

The realisation dawns that a week of binge drinking, poor hygiene, and a string of one night stands does actually have an impact on your immune system.

Worried you’ve caught the dreaded flu? Here are some classic symptoms:

1. You’re constantly in denial

“Guys, I’m fine, I can totally go out tonight”.


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2. Your voice sounds like a tractor engine 


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3. And your throat feels like a rusty chainsaw



4. Yet you’re still in denial

You can’t be ill already, it’s only the first few weeks into uni.



5. You’ve started to feel sorry for yourself



6. You’ve disrupted several lectures with your ferocious cough

via dailyedge.ie

via dailyedge.ie

7. You’re indecisive

It’s finally starting to sink in that you may have caught something and you ponder the question, “should I go out or stay in?”



8. You’re eternally feverish

Every tiny temperature change is painful and you’re sweating more than a student among locals



9. You’re riddled with feelings of regret

Your mates were forcing you to go out and peer pressure got the better of you. Now are left with nothing but shame and emotional and physical pain all over your body.



10. You’ve started to blame your roommates and all those strangers you got with in freshers for your illness

This is everyone else’s fault, they weren’t clean enough. It definitely has nothing to do with you being such a predator during freshers’ week – of course not.

via rebloggy.com

via rebloggy.com

11. You caved and called your parents for sympathy and help

And finally your instinct is to regress back to being a child and call your parents for their much needed TLC, only in most cases you’ll be greeted with little sympathy as it was your decision to go out partying every night for a week. Life sucks sometimes.



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