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12 Dos and Don’ts To Help You Nail Fancy Dress at University

University is, believe it or not, full of opportunities to play dress up. The problem is that there are a few unwritten rules about what is acceptable and what isn’t. Luckily some kind writer has conveniently provided a list of the essential dos and don’ts so you know exactly how to absolutely nail every fancy dress outing.

1. Do attempt to make your own costume from scratch.

You’ll be needing a lot of costumes for all those parties and bar crawls, and since you’re a student and inherently poor, it’s best to get creative and make your own. It’s more fun than buying one and you’ll feel accomplished when you strut onto the dancefloor.

via tumblr.com

via tumblr.com

2. But actually put effort into it.

You might not want to look TOO eager but at the same time you don’t want people asking what or who you are all night.



3. Don’t buy your costume fully made.

Not only do you need to save money but you have loads of free time, use it wisely.



4. Do prepare in advance.

This sh*t is serious, you need a discussion with your uni friends beforehand so you can thoroughly decide on compromises and feasible ideas. There’s bound to be many in this game.

im ready


5. Don’t leave it to the last minute.

Leaving it until the last minute is stressful enough, and often leads to a terrible costume. Turning up as yourself or cutting your bar crawl t-shirt randomly is not creative it’s stupid.

lame costume


6. Do discuss group ideas.

There’s so much potential with group ideas, Toy story, Pokemon, Pacman and the ghosts?



7. Do dye bar crawl t-shirts.

At university you’re going to be bombarded with bar crawls which inevitably come with white t-shirts. Don’t waste an opportunity by drawing on it when you can go IN. It’s easy to do with cheap food colouring or if you’re an expert, fabric dye.

colour gif


8. Do photobomb as many people as you can.

It should be your mission if not anything else.



9. Do defend your costume accessories with your life.

You’ll stroll into the club with a complete costume and leave almost unrecognisable, because on the dancefloor you’re a free for all.

mugged gif


10. Don’t lose your other group members.

If you commit to going as a group, losing your party makes you look like you didn’t have any friends to complete the look. “Did you really go to the club as just ONE member of scooby doo?” Stick together, people!

where are you gif


11. And finally don’t shy away…

hiding gif


12. Embrace the attention. 

For one night only you are a celebrity as far as the world is concerned.