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18 Real Struggles Students Face When The Weather Is Cold

Living on the bare essentials is an unavoidable struggle most students will face. Add in the element of the bitter cold and you will come across a variety of creative methods to stay warm on the cheap.

1. Choosing between saving money or forking out for the central heating.


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2. And, as a result, having heated discussions over adjusting the dial by only 1 degree.

“Not everyone is cold you know!”


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3. Using tomato soup as a genuine, cheaper option to stay warm.

In fact, any form of hot food or drink for under a £1.


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4. Making your housemates uncomfortable by snuggling in for warmth.

Who wants a hug…that lasts for a couple hours? No? Really?!


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5. Resorting to wearing multiple layers of clothing.

People will either think you’ve put on a bit of weight or that you look adorable and snug.


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6. Feeling eternally envious of students with bills included in their rent.

“Oh, we just keep the heating on all the time.”


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7. Being significantly more susceptible to freshers’ flu.


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8. Leaving the shower in winter and feeling like you’ve just stepped into the Arctic, naked.


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9. Wearing outdoor clothes as indoor clothes.

It’s perfectly acceptable to wear a coat, scarf and gloves inside, thank you for you interest.


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10. And wrapping up in a blanket at all times of the day and night in the house.


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11. Relying on a beer jacket for a night out.

Forget queueing for the cloakroom; just drink enough that you can’t feel the cold.


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12. Having to make several attempts at getting out of your warm bed in the morning.


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via hexjam.com

13. Working in uni longer than you really want to because its warm there.


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14. Sitting in front of the oven while cooking food to absorb as much heat as possible.

Potentially dangerous but necessary.


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15. Forgetting to put socks on and feeling as though you’re walking on ice rather than tiles.

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16. Waiting so long for your washing to dry that it starts to smell damp.

Is it still wet or just cold?

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via weheartit.com

17. Lying to your parents when they visit and ask if it’s always this cold in the house.

“It’s usually much warmer.”

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via bustle.com

18. And feeling like you’re living in an oven when you go home.



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