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20 Very Real Struggles Every Short Guy Will Know

It’s underestimated how much your height has an impact on your daily life, and to most average-sized people out there, you probably don’t notice a difference. But there are plenty of struggles that short people understand all too well.

1. Being called cute far too often.

NO! I’m a man stop trying to take that away from me.



2. Being the shortest person at any social gathering where girls wear heels.

This isn’t awkward at all



3. Being emasculated every time you have to ask a taller person to grab something for you.

Damn, whose clever idea was it to put the stuff I need this high. I’m looking at you SportsDirect.



4. People think it’s acceptable to pick you up like you’re a toddler.

Whoa! Steady on.



5. Having to work extra hard at the gym because all the equipment was apparently designed for NBA players.

Just pray no one’s looking when you have to jump for those pull ups



6. Turning into an Olympic gymnast every time you cook.



7. Having to stand at the front in every picture just to be seen.



8. Constantly being a taller person’s armrest.

Can you not.



9. When you tell people how tall you are and it turns into a real debate.

Don’t tell me how tall I am!



10. Ashamedly only buying shoes with heels that give you a bit of extra height.



11. Finding it infuriating that girls only like tall guys.

Tall, dark, and handsome…oh and did I mention TALL.



12. You’re automatically considered to also be short in the trouser department.




13. You’ve heard every short person joke ever and they’ll never be funny.



14. You’re secretly envious of all of your friends 6ft and over.

Can I… be you?



15. You identify so much with Bruno Mars in this photo.

I feel you, bro.



16. You hit people in the face every time you open an umbrella.

Whoops, sorry.



17. You’ve tried every trick in the book to grow taller and nothing ever worked.

Drink tons of water – done, get plenty of sleep – that too, exercise, yep none of those worked.



18. It’s impossible to see anything at festivals and concerts.



19. You always have to reach for the ATM. 



20. And finally, awkward hugs.



The struggle is real.

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