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11 Mistakes You’ll Inevitably Make When You’re Studying Abroad

Your year abroad will most likely be a mess. It will be glorious, but a mess nonetheless. When you plonk a group of British almost-adults in a foreign country where alcohol is most likely very cheap it’s inevitable that you will, at some point, make at least a few of these mistakes.

1. You won’t be able to understand people at first.

But that’s okay, because they probably won’t be able to understand you either.


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2. You’ll get confused and end up making an embarrassing, unintentional innuendo.

Just think of it as an ice-breaker.


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3. Or you’ll laugh at a ‘joke’… that was just someone talking about how they went to the doctor’s this morning.


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4. You’ll mix up your verb conjugations to such an extent that you just have to abort the sentence.


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5. You’ll over or under calculate the currency exchange.

It’s not like your degree is in Maths!


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6. You’ll become confused in the supermarket and come home with nothing you’d actually like to eat.

Because everyone’s eaten stock thinking it was soup before…right? Right?!


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7. You’ll receive a surprisingly severe amount judgement for doing something that would be completely acceptable at home.

Like forming an orderly queue, for instance.



8. Sometimes you’ll overestimate what you’re capable of.

This nearly always has to do with either the strength of alcohol abroad or the spiciness of the food.


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9. And other times you’ll underestimate yourself.

You can totally do this.


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10. You’ll probably be flustered by cultural greeting differences.

Handshake? Kiss? Hug? None?


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11. You’ll struggle to adapt to different public transport conventions. 


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But the biggest mistake you probably won’t make is throwing yourself in at the deep end and seeing what happens!

Anything is possible!


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