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5 Life Dilemmas You Thought You’d Resolve at University But Didn’t

Leaving university is a bizarre experience: You pack up your belongings feeling like it’s merely the dawning of another summer holiday. However, upon arrival back ‘home’ the realisation hits – this is the beginning of the end (of freedom) – where procrastination must finally meet its maker.

It’s a time of panic and unpreparedness; it’s pretty much back to square one. You’re now in the real world and to be honest it’s about as confusing as three years ago when you were packing your life to move away.

via huffingtonpost.com

via huffingtonpost.com

You will still have absolutely no idea what to do with your life

Most find they go to uni with no future plans in mind and leave with even less of a clue. You know you have to get a job… but where? As it stands, all the seasonal vacancies are gone, and the stress of applying for graduate jobs just seems too much to bear. It’s like UCAS applications all over again.

You revert back to a lack of self-sufficiency and fighting with nagging parents. 

“How has your room got into this state again?” Yells your mum as you lie there wishing you were back in that shared house with friends who were about as messy and accepting as you. Takeout pizza was a perfectly acceptable dinner routine each night and there was absolutely no need to keep the music down. Now you’re basically jobless and broke, similar to the daunting A-level result summer.

You’re just as poor as three years ago, only this time you don’t have the advantage of student finance in the near future

Moving back home is a nightmare, but at least you’re back in the financial safety net of your parents. “Dad, can I borrow a tenner?” is the most frequent interaction and you both know you won’t be paying it back any time soon. A night out these days must be accompanied by a hard day at work, no longer are the government funding your love for vodka.

You have to meet new people all over again and it’s such a hassle

That said, many of your friends will be lucky enough to land graduate jobs far away and others will go travelling. It’s like finishing school and starting uni all over again – you’re basically a stranger in your own town. Getting a job really is the only way to meet new people. By the time you’ve set up a lifestyle away from home it’s time to move back and build the foundations for a new one. Urgh.

Your love life is just as much of a shambles when you start as when you leave

Unless you decide to enter university under the thumb, then you’ll aspire to that Disney-esque belief that you’ll find the love of your life when you move to your new town or city. All those years of rejection and traumatic sexual experiences are in the past (right!?). You tell yourself things will be different, except they’re not, they’re actually worse – HOW.

via wifflegif.com

via wifflegif.com

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