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5 Ways To Deal With Nightmare Housemates

Why oh why did you drink all those deadly vodka mixers and cocktails the night before? Your head is pounding, deadlines are looming and all you want is to sleep after a long and arduous day in the library.

But you can’t remember the last time you had that luxury.

Your house no longer feels like a home, but more of a hotel. Random people rushing in and out of each other’s rooms, blasting music, and who on earth is that girl with the awful screechy laugh? Mess everywhere, overflowing bins, and the shower in constant use! WHEN WILL IT END?!

1. Don’t panic sign. If you can’t function without a morning shower, a 7-bed house with only 1 bathroom probably isn’t for you.

Your first year is usually a total gamble and largely responsible for the majority of those university housemate horror stories. Sinister notes in the fridge, a tiny shared kitchen between 10, and toilets located in the most embarrassing areas of the flat (i.e. directly opposite the one communal space). If it’s too much to handle, then use common sense when picking who and where in the following years. If you can’t hack mess, then girls are the blatant choice.

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via giphy.com

2. Stock up on ear plugs, particularly during exam season

Block out the sound of what your housemates like to call music, but what to you sounds like an accident involving pots and pans. It doesn’t seem possible, but university will teach you that some people just don’t sleep. In fact a good night’s sleep, even for you, becomes so rare that no price can be put on it.

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via tumblr.com

3. Keep your room clean so you have a place to escape

It can be difficult to cope when you’re the one cleaning up after everyone else all the time. You’re not just cleaning up after your housemates, but all their messy sofa-surfing friends as well. Instead, make your bedroom your haven. Feng Shui your way to a better mindset and avoid the messier areas wherever possible.

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via tumblr.com

4. But don’t hide away, get involved

If your housemates are going to party long and hard then there are times even earplugs can’t help you – join in. Force yourself out of your self-wallowing pit and into the action. There’s nothing worse than being left out.


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5. Grow a thick skin

Personality clashes are just something you’ll probably end up dealing with, but communication makes it more bearable. There are those that will come out with what they’re thinking outright, whilst others let it build up like a volcano until they simply can’t hold back their rage. If something is annoying you then say it.

Most are quite understanding when you tell them that playing music loud at 2am is not a great way to behave, and by the time third year rolls around you will have no qualms becoming the nagging mother-type that you once kept so hidden.


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