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12 Signs You’re Suffering From Post-University Trauma

After the novelty of your parents’ home cooked meals, having your clothes regularly laundered, opening the fridge and taking whatever’s there without worry, comes the life that is known as Post-Graduation. Usually kicking in around week 3, the indescribable yearning to return to university surfaces in-full force.

At least you’re not suffering alone.

1. You struggle to cope with the new reality that privacy is no longer a thing.


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2. You frequently send yourself into panic mode by checking your LinkedIn and Facebook pages to see how well everyone else is doing.

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3. You can usually be found worrying about how your life isn’t quite together yet. At 2am.


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4. After getting several job rejections you’ve started to think there is something wrong with you.

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5. You find your parents, siblings or anyone else in the house extremely irritating.


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6. You have to almost prepare a PowerPoint presentation just to explain where you are going to your parents, and why you’ll be home at 3am.


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7. You feel betrayed when your parents come back with food shopping and there’s nothing that tickles your fancy.


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8. You experience extreme waves of nostalgia when you look back at old uni photos, remembering how good life used to be.


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9. You don’t understand why you have to socialise with your family at the dinner table.

What’s there to talk about?


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10. You have to mentally prepare yourself to enter the living room/kitchen to see your family after spending the whole day in your room.


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11. You and your bed are in an endless love affair.


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12. Essentially, you can’t figure out why and how life just got so much worse.


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