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14 People You Will See at Student Halloween Parties This Year

Halloween is a time where every fresher to professor gets dressed up to party on down. There’s a costume out there for everyone, and you’re guaranteed to see some of these around campus this Halloween.

1. The Mean Girls Tribute.

This person either loves Mean Girls or this was a last-minute costume. All you need to do is pop on some animal ears and you’re a mouse, duh.


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2. The T.V. Series Themed Group.

If you’ve GoT it, flaunt it.


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3. The witty couple.

There’s not much more to say about these two boobs.


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4. The girl who couldn’t get her boyfriend to dress up with her.


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5. The diva in her element.

These are the clothes she was BORN to wear. Drinking cocktails has never felt more natural.


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6. The person who didn’t think their costume through.

Vampire teeth were not made for shots. Or communicating. Or breathing.


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7. The person who didn’t wear a costume because their dancing is scary enough.

Someone get them a choreographer.


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8. The person who goes all-out for their pun costume.

Pun hard or go home.


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9. The minimalist.

This is someone who didn’t want to go the whole nine yards, but still wants to show that they’re up for a few Jägerbombs.

lame costume

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10. The method actors.

For the night they are a pirate, zombie or Frenchman and they’ll be damned if you say otherwise.


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11. The real deal.

Actual superheroes masquerading as normal people masquerading as superheroes.

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via pinterest.com

12. The costume that doesn’t make sense to anyone.

Not even to the person wearing it.


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13. The person whose costume made sense until the night got rough.

Please, don’t let your friend dressed as a fair maiden get involved with scallywags tonight.



14. The strategically selected padded costume to protect against drunken injury.

These guys know what they’re doing.


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But whichever costume you opt for this Halloween, remember: NO CAPES

Let Madonna be a cautionary tale.


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“Make good choices!”

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