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16 People You Will Recognise If You’ve Been To an English Literature Seminar

Seminars bring together a broad range of students. Here are some of the people you will recognise if you’ve been to one for English Literature.

1. The one who falsely claims they haven’t read the book.

They whisper to you before the seminar that they haven’t done the reading, but then proceed to dominate the seminar with some really great points.


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2. The one who actually hasn’t read the book.

They really haven’t got a clue what anyone is talking about, and spend the whole time avoiding eye contact.

don't look at me

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3. The one who read the wrong book.

They valiantly try to hide their mistake by attempting to transfer their thoughts on the book they have read to the book everyone’s talking about.


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4. The one who interrogates the tutor on every point they make.

Because they’re “edgy”.


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5. The one who interrogates everyone else in the seminar on every point they make.

Do not.


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6. The one you hadn’t spoken to until they backed you up on your point.

Thanks, man.


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7. The one who tries to find meaning in everything.

There is no end to the connections they can make between completely unrelated ideas.


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8. The one who is late every week.

They glide in, coffee in hand, cheerily greeting everyone as they nonchalantly pull up a chair. “Oh, you guys are 25 minutes in to a discussion? No biggie, fill me in.”


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9. The one who is really early.

EVERY WEEK. How? Where do you live?


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10. The one who you’ve only seen turn up once.

You’re not sure if they even go here.


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11. The one who never says ANYTHING.



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12. The one who is hungover for every 9am class

Props for turning up, though.


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13. The one who never gets the chance to make their point.

It’s heartbreaking.


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14. The one who says they haven’t started their essay yet.

But somehow they’re averaging a high first. Either they’re lying, or the best essays are written overnight, fuelled by red bull and dominoes.


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15. The stationery wizard.

They have a pencil case. A PENCIL CASE! And it matches their laptop case. And their jumper. And their t-shirt. Massive respect for these coordinated people.


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16. And the one who brings snacks for everyone.

The seminar hero, worshipped by all.


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