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This Is What It’s Like To Be Offered Your First Ever Graduate Job

So, you’ve graduated from university and have stumbled into the big, wide world of employment.

1. Initially, getting a job feels like winning the Graduate lottery.

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2. In fact, you don’t understand why no one’s throwing a party for you in honour of such an achievement.


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3. But doubt creeps in and you start to wonder if they even meant to give you the job.


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4. After all, your interview did not go as smoothly as you’d have liked.


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5. You don’t know how you’ll cope with the hours.



6. Or the responsibility.

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7. And, to be honest, you’re not sure you’re as ready for graduate life as you originally thought you were.

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8. Which is confirmed when you receive your contract and you don’t feel adult enough to understand it.

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9. You need parental supervision on pretty much all the paperwork.


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10. With the exception of emails, which you sign off to acquaintances with ‘Regards’ because you’re a true professional now.


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11. Truth be told, you don’t necessarily know the full ins and outs of what your new job entails.

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12. But obviously your new boss thinks you’re capable, so you’re trying not to panic.


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13. The thought of wearing work clothes feels a bit unnatural. 


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14. And you’re trying not to let it all go to your head.


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15. You accidentally go wild with your spending in anticipation of your first graduate pay check.


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16. And wonder how you ever managed to survive as a student on nothing more than your student loan.

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via goodreads.com

Welcome to life as an employed graduate.