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6 Reasons Why Easter Break Isn’t As Bad As It Looks

With exams looming on the horizon and essays having already entered into your life uninvited (again), it would be easy to regard the Easter Break with a sense of loathing and despair

1. Revision and essay writing with your mum around is a far more welcoming prospect than the empty, hollowed library.

Always on hand with a cup of tea and a sandwich, you wonder how you ever coped with the crappy coffee and vending machine crisps.


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2. It gives you an opportunity to remind yourself that you are human, not merely a being composed of stress, super noodles and word documents.

At university all everybody can talk about is exam timetables and how many all nighters they’ve done in the past week. It’s refreshing to come back to a world filled with concerns such as your dad’s commute and your sister’s missing PE Kit.


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3. It’s perfectly acceptable to take three days off in the middle of your holiday committed solely to stuffing your face with chocolate and hot crossed buns.


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4. Most of your old friends will have gone home.

It’s worth the train fare just to not feel that horrible pain of regret and self loathing when those photos of an amazing night out that you missed end up splashed all over Facebook.


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5. Your student loan has probably run out and your overdraft is your new best friend.

Three weeks of not paying for your own cereal? Heaven.


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6. There’s the slightest chance that on one day the sun will shine and you will be reminded that the year is nearly over, summer is on its way and that there is life beyond essays, exams and energy drinks.

Pub anyone?


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