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7 Reasons Why Your Uni Friends Are The Best Friends You’ll Ever Have

After the social disasters that are school and sixth form, it’s quite nice to come and meet some new people. And chances are, these will be your favourite new people; in fact, just your favourite people.

1. Perhaps one of the most important factors in a friendship (apart from how willing they are to share their food) is shared interests.

This is something that you’re bound to find at uni, the gene pool is so much bigger, so instead of just making friends out of convenience because you see them five times a week, you can branch out and find your soul (pizza) mate.



2. You’ve watched them do so much stupid stuff that you have blackmail rights.

It would be worth sticking with these people, at least for a little while whilst they’re in your debt.



3. They’ve seen you do stuff that’s even more stupid and disgusting, you have to trust them and like them.

You have no choice.



4. This means that all boundaries are out of the window and you can just be yourselves around one another.



5. You are completely used to sharing a bed.

Drunk? No problem. Home sick? No problem? Sleepy? No problem!



6. If you can survive exam stress together, then you can survive anything.

They helped you through the 4000 coffees and midnight cramming sessions, these people deserve your love.



7. You know each other inside out.

Food habits, messy habits, even bathroom habits – and despite all of these things, you still call them your best friends.



However, you still can’t trust them enough to leave your bedroom unlocked…

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