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12 People You Definitely Don’t Want To Imitate On Your Graduation Day

It’s every graduand’s worst nightmare. 

No one wants to be that person who falls at graduation. 

via wordpress.com

via wordpress.com

And it may be unlikely, but it’s bound to happen to someone… 

1. You definitely don’t want to copy this person. 

2. And have your most embarrassing moment documented on Snapchat. 

Thanks friends 😊😊😊

3. Because you won’t be able to forget it. 

Especially if you’re left with a scar.

4. Or live it down. 

5. Especially if it’s immortalised on the official DVD. 

Like it was for this Nottingham Trent student…

6. You can try to style it out… 

7. Or just crawl the rest of your way back to your seat 🙈

8. You just have to hope you can stay vertical for the whole ceremony. 



9. Be careful of stairs. They are not your friend. 

via jestcomedy.tumblr.com

via jestcomedy.tumblr.com

10. And do not end up like this. 

11. Or with an injury like this. 

The bruise that says “I fell at graduation 👋”

12. Good luck graduates of 2016.

May your first steps towards adulthood go smoothly 🙏😂

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via twitter.com