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20 Signs You’ve Been at University Too Long To Survive In The Real World

How did you make it through all those years of school? How will you ever cope with the adult world?

1. You don’t know how to function in the morning. 

Remember when you used to have to be at school by 9am every single day? 5 days a week?

via weheartit.com

via weheartit.com

2. And a 2 hour seminar, or multiple lectures and seminars on the same day seems outrageous. 

The school day was at least 6 hours long… and a standard working day is longer.


3. Getting through the day without a nap seems pretty much impossible. 

via giphy.com

via giphy.com

4. And your sleeping pattern doesn’t make any sense. 

5. Even you’re surprised by just how lazy you’ve become. 

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via facebook.com 

6. But you’ve mastered the art of procrastination. 


7. Seriously. 


via teen.com

via teen.com

8. You can do absolutely nothing for a worryingly large amount of time. 

Completing all four seasons of House of Cards is productive though, right?

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via tumblr.com

9. You know exactly what it’s like to have (or to be) a passive aggressive housemate. 

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via facebook.com

10. And you know all the unwritten rules of using a university library. 


11. You’ve reached levels of stress you didn’t even know existed before. 

If you thought you were stressed at A Level, you were wrong.

12. But your dreams and career aspirations have remained the same… 

via facebook.com

via facebook.com

13. It’s becoming increasingly expensive and hard work to get you drunk. 

It’s a problem.


14. You’re now really, scarily good at coming up with excuses. 

To skip a seminar, to avoid participating, to get out of a presentation, to hand an essay in late – you’ve got it all down.

15. And you’re definitely pushing it with simultaneously wanting independence and leaning on your parents. 


16. You’ve become slightly bitter about how much uni is costing you. 

It’s basically just a highly overpriced library membership…

17. And any optimism you went in with about getting a first has probably been crushed. 



18. You can’t face the thought of doing even one more essay or exam. 

End it.

19. But the idea of graduating is terrifying. 


20. Because you only know how to be a student now. 

And you can’t imagine life any other way.