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22 Images About Going Back To Uni That Freshers Just Won’t Understand Yet

How can the summer already be over? WHY is this happening?

1. Guess what? You’re going back to uni. 

2. Which means hard work.

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via twitter.com

3. And lots of deadlines. 

4. You’ve just lost all your motivation over summer.

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5. And you don’t know where to find it. 

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6. Every time your mum mentions it you feel pretty much exactly like this: 

“Are you excited?”

7. And she’ll probably have to drag you there. 

8. Because you are so not prepared for 9ams. 

9. And anything right now seems preferable to waking up early again. 

10. You can’t even really enjoy the last of the summer. 

Too much panic.

11. Though you try your best. 

Thanks parents ✌️

12. You consider not going at all. 

13. Especially once you check your reading list. 

14. And realise how much more pressure you’ll be under this year than the last.

15. Which you just cannot handle any more. 

You’ve done a year or two of uni already, must there REALLY be more work?

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16. Not to mention having to deal with all the excited freshers.

Who just don’t realise how shitting hard uni is yet.


17. And trying to live well on a student loan again. 

Cannot be done.

18. You realise the work will probably be even harder this year. 

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19. So you already know how your first seminar is going to feel.

When you most likely have no clue what is going on.

20. The thought of the journey to uni again has got you like this: 

21. But in the end, you’ll find a way to cope once you’re there… 

22. And at least you have this to look forward to.