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JK Rowling Clashed With Students Today After Someone Called Jeremy Corbyn ‘Political Dumbledore’

Following pressures from his own party members to resign after the result of the EU referendum, Jeremy Corbyn spoke last night to a crowd of London students in the SOAS junior common room vowing to “carry on”. 

At the same time of the event, JK Rowling tweeted and quoted several resignation letters to Corbyn, suggesting her support for new leadership.

This caused one student to tweet at Rowling, saying Corbyn is “a political Dumbledore.”

JK Rowling quoted the tweet and suggested the SOAS students who attended the rally last night were “angry trolls”.

Many have been quick to express their outrage at Rowling’s response on Twitter.

Rowling added fuel to the fire today with this comment.

Which she later said was a joke. 

But students in an SOAS Facebook group are not convinced.

One student commented: “”oh, just a joke! loll! haha i’m so funny!” she says after smashing a thousand alumni hearts across the world”.

Others said they would be boycotting Harry Potter from now on, while some compared SOAS to the forbidden forest. One student commented saying: “what a bitch”.

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via giphy.com