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Northumbria and Kent Are The Two Most Expensive Universities Outside Of London

Going to university is expensive. Now, with rises in tuition fees and the government’s axing of maintenance grants, the cost of three or more years of study is becoming an increasing concern for students.

New research has revealed how much students at different universities spend over the course of their time there. Unsurprisingly, the top 10 almost entirely consists of London universities, with King’s College London coming in as the most expensive. But the price of studying at Northumbria University and the University of Kent is also pretty steep, costing students £24,495 and £23,904 per year respectively. Northumbria also has the second most expensive halls overall – overtaking all of London’s accommodation but that of King’s.

Going to the University of Oxford, University College Birmingham or the University of Birmingham will also set you back over £22,000 each year.

The cheapest university to study at was the University of Ulster, where students can expect to spend £14,628 per year.

The research, conducted by comparison site Gocompare, evaluated universities based on a range of factors including: tuition fees, the price of halls, travel costs, socialising costs, and how much students typically spend on books, food, clothes, laundry and the gym each academic year.

Apparently, the most expensive universities to do your food shop at are the University of Oxford and the University of Warwick. Meanwhile, students at the University of Surrey spend the most on travel at £1,440 per year, compared to Aberystwyth University, where you can expect to spend as little as £45 on transport each year.

It’ll cost you significantly less to do a wash at Queen’s University Belfast than other universities, where students spend just £27 per year – compared to the most expensive two, the University of Herfordshire and University of the Arts London, where students can expect to spend £480 per year just to keep their clothes clean.

You can see the top 20, based on total cost across nine factors, below.

These figures exclude the added cost of private rent.

via gocompare.com

via gocompare.com

And the list in full here