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A Student Used a Snapchat Photo For Their NUS Card and This NUS Officer’s Response is Hilarious

Don’t shop while drunk, people.

Liverpool student Daire Shaw did exactly that after a night out and ended up ordering himself an NUS Extra Card. But instead of spending ages trying to find the right photo, Daire decided to submit a Snapchat filtered picture of himself.

Not expecting it to get approved and forgetting he’d even done it, Daire was surprised to receive his card shortly afterwards with the altered photo of himself on it as ID.

via facebook.com

via facebook.com

Daire shared a photo of his card on Facebook and was overwhelmed by the response he received.

The post has over 12,000 likes at the time of writing.

He wrote, “Jesus Christ I drunkenly applied for my NUS card and it asked for a photo so I picked one with a Snapchat filter”.

But Daire was worried he wouldn’t actually be able to use the card as ID.

via facebook.com

via facebook.com

According to Metro, Daire has since used the card successfully to buy a gift for his girlfriend in River Island. Apparently, the cashier did a double take, but went along with it.

Since the post going viral, NUS Vice President Union Development Richard Brooks decided to respond to Daire. Richard shared his witty message on Facebook.

He told Daire he’s, “basically the guy who’s in charge of the NUS Extra Card” and thanked Daire for inadvertently helping publicise the card.

Richard friend requested Daire, saying he’d be able to get him a new card for free, writing, “Send me a nice new photo of your untarnished face”. He added, “Might throw in a discount somewhere as well.” He signed off “Peace and love, keep fighting the good fight via Snapchat.”

via facebook.com

via facebook.com

We spoke to Richard about the exchange. He said he thinks what Daire did is “quite funny”.

He said, “When someone goes above and beyond to promote the excellent 200 discounts on the NUS Extra Card, which saves students hundreds of pounds and puts millions back into Students’ Unions like Daire has – we at NUS are happy to reward his heroic efforts. Whilst we don’t condone drunken Snapchat photos as ID, we do happen to think it’s quite funny and have offered to replace it with a new one free of charge.”

Richard says Daire has now accepted his friend request and he’s in the process of arranging a new, free ID card.

Apparently they “had a nice chat”. Aww.