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This US Student Who Walked Out After Receiving Her Diploma Is All of Us at Graduation

Graduation ceremonies are long and boring. Aside from the moment your name is called out and you actually get to collect your degree – there’s a lot of waiting around.

American high school student, Tayler Michelle Gray, received her diploma from Parkland High School in Allentown, Pennsylvania on the 14th of June. But Tayler didn’t feel like sticking around for the rest of the ceremony, and instead, did exactly what all of us wish we could do at graduation.

She walked out 😂

Since posting the video to Twitter, Tayler has received an overwhelming amount of responses.

Some pointed out that you don’t always receive your actual diploma at the ceremony, but she was quick to shut them down.

Well played, Tayler, well played 👏👏👏

🙌 💯